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Mark Campbell ( just call me Mach ): Music in MP3 Audio

Original Songlist 2018

(sample list , many more , varies .)
January 22, 2018
all songs by Mark Campbell
New solo release in 2015 .
Ready to go, eleven tracks , due date : October 14th . Another release from Soulshaker also due around the same time . Ai ai ai .
Live Original Music Songlist 2014

The NEW CD 2015 ( Street Date - October 14th ) :
Merlin's Lament
Lifetime after Lifetime
Saw You in a Movie
So out of touch
Always think about You
Classic Revolution
Life so Sweet
Street Symphony
One Sweet Smile
Strike up the Music
Play Guitar
This is How Summer's Sung
For The next CD after (2016) :
Piano in the Dark **
Water **
A Few Brave Souls
Soul in Exile **
A Little Candy **
Unannounced Arrival **
Prescription for Rain **
Touch the Sky **
It Gives Me Hope **
Gentle touch
Beautiful Morning **
The Timeless **
In Creation
While we still have rock and roll
Little Ship on the High Seas
Take it easy on my soul
Future before me
I wanna hear Music
Rainy Nights
I'll live to love again
Sunset Grace
Salome Sunrises
Drive this Train
Captain of the Sea
Hall of Fame