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Mark Campbell ( just call me Mach ): Newer than News

CD Release " Mach Bravo " for 4/22/17 release . - March 13, 2017

My new CD , 'Mach Bravo' has been submitted for Digital Distribution and physical availbility on April 22nd .

New Single " Saw You in a Movie " available for digital Download - February 24, 2015

New Single " Play Guitar " by Mark Campbell at - September 19, 2014 - Listen to the whole song here . Will post to iTunes soon . My musico-autobiography .

Happy New Year from MC - January 1, 2014

May this year be the best in your life . I am making more of my music available for download , branching out , increasing my involvement in music production , as well as booking more shows than ever .

New Singles from Soulshaker - 'Keridwena ' and 'Everybody's got a Game ' - January 1, 2014

Download the singles for .99 cents each at Cd Baby . iTunes to follow in a short time . - Keridwena - Everybody's got a Game

New CD Titled : "Just call me Mach " - March 31, 2013

The new CD features 11 songs and will be released on CD Baby in 2015.

Performances by Mike Rieman , Mark Salmon , who have been working members of my band Soulshaker . Guest peformances by Drummer Tabber Millard and Pianist Ginger Doss . Recorded at Boilerroom Studios by David Dickenson as well as by Ginger Doss .

Welcome to Austin , Texas SXSW . - March 18, 2013

For a portion of the free world to descend upon us is no small task to contend with , but our fair city officials and residents do so with such class and dignity . We love the energy that it brings from musicians and industry professions from all points . South by Southwest forever .

Mach Campbell - September 12, 2012

My facebook name . Mark is still my songwriting name and for everything else .

Creedence Clearwater Revival Salute : Soulshaker - June 25, 2012

Soulshaker , which is my band , has a CCR Salutethat really has taken off on a good foot . With Mark Salmpn and Selton Cole .

demos at
Get those crawfish ready , we're in the mood to play !

New CD Mastering today -at Terranova , mastering by Jerry Tubb , Austin , Tx. - March 24, 2011

Jerry Tubb at Terranova did such a remarkable job mastering my new CD ( Street date : April 15th , 2013 ) , many thanks . There are more CD's in the works , due to a backlog of material that is being paired with newer material in like packages . More to come .

New song " Merlin's lament " added clip - May 16, 2010

This one , from the standpoint of Merlin / Myrddin ; straight from the heart to Keridwena , whom the song is about .

SXSW unofficial South by Southwest venue Iron Cactus North Austin Tx. - March 12, 2009

I have a 3 hour showcase on Thursday March 17th at the Iron Cactus North , Austin ,Texas , on Stonelake Blvd .
More details in the 'Calendar Dates' section . It'll be a rocking array of Soulshaker tunes as well as acoustic stylings , all delivered on the acoustic guitar . No cover charge , no badges . Exceptional Mexican food as well as steaks . They have Lobster Tacos , and I have to say , they are delectable .

Querida Mama , Mariela Campbell , My Pa , Hardy . - August 21, 2008

My best friend in the world . I would rather not think about my loss , but to think about how lucky I am to know her the way I did . If only I could ; I struggle with this heartbreak everyday . Dialysis gave us an extra 15 months with her . Thanks to all our friends for the love and support . Our Dad , Hardy followed two months later . Thanks for showing me the ropes , Pa .
Kind Thanks , Mark

New piano demo added : We wish you well , written by David Coverdale , and more . - July 24, 2008

New demo and new songs as well . Details to be announced at the end of summer .

New Mark Campbell CD to be released - December 25, 2007

Evidently I recorded too many songs for one album , so there will be either be a double set , or at least a bunch of short songs on one CD , with a secret link to another website full of other songs to listen to , for a limited time after the release . Maybe not .Woo hoo .

New demo added : Angel Eyes by John Hiatt . - November 12, 2007

One of my favorite songs of all time . What a writer .

New songs recorded for the new CD . - October 20, 2007

It's been awhile since I moved on the project , but it came in a flurry of inspiration . One is very Creedence Clearwater-ish . The other is a new type of music never heard before by anyone , or at least that's what I'm sayin' .

New Piano Demos added ( covers) - March 11, 2007

Just added new piano demos , to be perfectly redundant about it ; some JoJo Gunne , Paul McCartney , Beatles and David Coverdale .

Three New CD productions - December 2, 2006

Mark is producing three new CD projects , which will be announced in early February . It doesn't mean they will all be ready at the same time !

" Rainy Nights" added to the Blueseum of Fine Art on KLBJ FM Austin's Rock Classic - June 12, 2006

John Peyton and Chris Jagger host the show and honor me with an introduction of Soulshaker to the blues world .

Thursday June 15th at 11pm to midnight . We'll be in the late segment after 11:30 .

Tune in and have a listen . 93.7 FM on the radio dial .

New Songs added in the Songwriter section - April 23, 2006

Blueseum Radio Show debuts on Austin's Rock Classic KLBJ FM - March 3, 2006

Thursday nights at 11 pm join John Peyton and Chris Jagger for an hour an 10 seconds of pure "come back and take this hurt off me " blues . An invitation to the darkest color in the music spectrum .

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